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Alaska Small Ship Cruises Alaska Small Ship Cruises

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With small ships cruising you will venture deep into the remote areas of Alaska's inside passage - areas only visited by a small number of people. These areas are the untouched wilderness that are home to bountiful wildlife. For some travelers, Alaska is simply a place to check off their to-do list - "been there, done that". There is another way. If you want to surround yourself with the extraordinary beauty and the overwhelming power of nature, or you want to feel the icy spray from the waterfall on your face as it cascades down the side of a gorge - you will love small ship cruising. Experience Alaska as early explorers once did, aboard a small ship, slipping in and out of sheltered inlets and hidden coves, peeking in on a family of playful sea otters and eagerly awaiting what's around the next bend.

Small Ship Size
Mega Ship
3,000 Passengers
Large Ship
1,400 Passengers
Small Ship
100 Passengers

A cruise on a small ship is not filled with elaborate distractions, sleek resorts and packaged tours. Rather, small ships are perfect for intimate exploration of off-the-beaten track waterways, narrow channels and tiny ports that passengers on large ships will never see. When a small ship guests visit a small port in Alaska's Inside Passage they don't overwhelm the local communities.

Small ships are the only way to explore the entire length of the Inside Passage between Seattle and Juneau. Here you're traveling amid spectacular scenery and abundant wildlife scarcely changed since the original Spanish, Russian and English explorers first sailed this way hundreds of years ago. Unlike those of the big ships, our flexible itineraries give you time to experience the unplanned events of nature. After all, glaciers do not "calve" on demand. A small, maneuverable vessel and an unhurried pace are essential ingredients for those discriminating travelers who seek to surround themselves with the very soul of Alaska.

Small ship guests would rather watch for whales in Frederick Sound than spend the afternoon in a casino. They linger outside on deck as the Captain noses under a waterfall, rather than focus on a bingo card. On a small ship, the focus is most often outside, on what Nature has provided for entertainment, than on facilities provided for your entertainment on board. There are a number of small ships that cruise Alaska's inside passage. Call us to find out what options are available for you travel plans.