Norwegian Cruise Line
Norwegian Cruise Line... We pick the ports, but the rest is your call.

Can all vacations appeal to all people? Just one, in fact. Norwegian Cruise Line introduces Freestyle Cruising – the best idea in vacations since NCL pioneered the first Caribbean cruise!

Cruising without boundaries. Without having to hurry to breakfast or lunch. Without having to wear a tie for your entire vacation – unless that’s what you want to do. It combines the excitement of travel around the world with the flexibility and relaxed lifestyle of a fine resort -- with more staff to meet your every need.

Our modern ships accommodate all aspects of Freestyle Cruising with a variety of restaurants, elegant lounges, dazzling discos, acres of broad promenades and decks, and Internet Cafs to keep in touch with those on land.

Our Freestyle restaurants offer an array of specialties to please every palate, from American favorites, including the famed President’s Menu, to regional specialties, to our delicious Cooking Light low-cal entres. Dining options range from elegant dining rooms to open-seating bistros, pizzerias and outdoor cafes. And with Freestyle Cruising, you can dine whenever, wherever and with whomever you choose. In addition, you can stay in the comfort of your cabin with NCL’s legendary TLC, complimentary room service – 24 hours a day.

You’ll discover Freestyle enrichment as well with all the facilities of land-based resorts on Norwegian Cruise Line’s ships, from the new Mandara spas -- combining East meets West treatments, to fully equipped fitness centers. You can swing a nine-iron, take computer classes, health and wellness seminars, or go for a relaxing jog 200 miles at sea.

And when the sun goes down, the fun keeps going with live music, variety acts, dancing under the stars, lavish Broadway musicals and dazzling Las Vegas-style casinos.

All good things must come to an end. But now the end won’t seem to take forever, thanks to NCL’s new passenger-friendly disembarkation system. More service personnel means a streamlined procedure so you can depart at your leisure on the last morning of the cruise.

So whether you want to see glaciers in Alaska, delight in our new routes to discover the ancient cultures of Asia, the islands of Hawaii and the history filled, rugged beauty of New England and Eastern Canada coasts, you’ll enjoy an unrivaled cruise experience when you cruise with NCL’s Freestyle Cruising. The perfect vacation.

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